How Much Is Your Home Worth in the Palm Beach Area?

Thinking of selling?
One of the most important aspects of deciding to sell your house, is knowing what your potential selling price will be. If you are thinking about selling your Jupiter, Tequesta, or Juno Beach home, make sure you list with confidence. Knowing that your house is priced at a fair list price will ensure your house gets sold for the highest possible profit .
Your Comparitive Market Analysis
I can give you the perfect opportunity to know exactly what your home is worth. When I do a Comparitive Market Analysis, comparing the houses that have sold in the last six months in the area and what is currently listed you will really understand the real estate trends in your area. It's important to know what houses very similar to yours are listing for. You can't compare the price of a condo to a three level historic home, or farm to a triplex. List price also varies quite  abit from neighborhood to neighborhood. I will compare your home to similar properties so we can have an acurate idea of your ideal list price.
Making sure the price is right
A common real estate mistake is to list their house at the wrong price. If you price your home too high, it could scare away potential buyers and you'll get stung when you have to reduce the price or if your home sits on the market. When your property is priced too low, buyers may assume something is wrong, or you will give away profit unnecessarily. I consider pricing a home to be a science and an art, and I will use all my skills to reach the appropriate price tag for your house. The Comparative Market Value is just one important piece in the puzzle. I also take into consideration market movement, supply and and demand the home's location and condition when I analyze your home's value.

Increasing your home's salability
There are many things you can do as the seller before we list your house to improve your home's salablitly and get you a higher profit. Making sure your property looks it's best is a sure fire way to get your house sold fast. A few easy things to do are removing clutter for a more streamlined look, as well as cleaning, re-arranging furniture and doing small repairs. These little chores can be done easily and for a minimal amount of money, but can increase your house's worth extensively. Let me work with you to develop a plan for making your house put it's best face forward. It's part of my job to help you realize the potential things that will appeal to buyers and get you, the seller the greatest profit.
No Strings attached
I feel confident that my years of real estate expertise and know how can help you list your house for the best price possible. Let me do a quick Comparitive Market Analysis for you so you can find out how much your home is worth. This is a totally free service that would be my pleasure to do for you. Give me the chance to prove that I will work for you by providing me with some basic information on your home. I will promptly get back to you.

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